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At present we have 45 TW Steel watch reviews on our pages. Each of them has been carefully prepared to give you chance to experience the product being described. TW Steel manufactures mainly watches for men, which makes it clear why our syllabus contains 45 TW Steel men watch reviews, containing incomparably fewer reviews on items made for remaining potential clients. Products of this particular company can be quite pricey and the average price at which you can purchase one is in the region of $360.83, with the most expensive model sold at a price of $895.00. Shoppers with low allowance who dearm of owning a TW Steel watch are looking into spending at least $170.50, which is a list price of TW622.

Most of TW Steel watches come with quartz movement, which supplies each appliance with accuracy and reliability. Typical functions supplied with number of watches of the brand are hours, minutes, seconds, calendar, chronograph, tachymeter, gmt. TW Steel watches sometimes have classic black leather bracelet coupled with tang clasp. It is also typical for these watches to have water resistancy to up to 100 meters/ 330 feet. The typical application of calendar is date display appears between the 4 and 5 o'clock positions. Nevertheless it is strongly recommended to refer to the specific watch specifications for precise information, as this may vary for some timepieces.

Our TW Steel watch reviews contain as well information on such regular attributes as the material the watch case is manufactured from, or what type of glass has been used to fabricate the crystal. In case you were wondering the manufacturer can be expected to employ stainless steel and mineral for those elements accordingly. The case back tends to be solid and it is not unusual for the bezel is to be fixed stainless steel. It is not rare for TW Steel watches to have the main dial of black color with sub dials: three - 60 seconds, 24 hours and 1/10th of a second. The producer tends to favors analog dial over other available types. It has been pointed out that this option is more successful with casual style watches that the company is being associated with.

This is true as well for the case shape that is typically round. Below you will find a selection of recognized watches from TW Steel. Feel free to browse through the archive of our reviews and select the watch for yourself.

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TW Steel Icon TW622
Hours, Minutes, Seconds, Calendar...
TW Steel Icon TW623
Hours, Minutes, Seconds, Calendar...
TW Steel Icon TW621
Hours, Minutes, Seconds, Date...
TW Steel RF1 Team Pilot TW670
Hours, Minutes, Seconds, Calendar...
TW Steel RF1 Team Pilot TW671
Hours, Minutes, Seconds, Date...
TW Steel Canteen TW2
Hours, Minutes, Seconds, Calendar...
TW Steel Canteen TW1
Hours, Minutes, Seconds, Date...
TW Steel CEO CE1005
Hours, Minutes, Seconds, Date, Day of the Week...
TW Steel CEO CE1009
Hours, Minutes, Seconds, Date, Day of the Week...
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