Philip Stein 1-LR

  Philip Stein  1-LR  
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Technical Details of Philip Stein 1-LR

BrandPhilip Stein
Model Number1-LR
BraceletPatent leather

Philip Stein 1-LR is a product of the famous Philip Stein company, well known for it's attention to details. This is women watch carrying the model number of 1-LR. The watch has patent leather bracelet perfectly matching the whole design. The timepiece comes with 2 year limited warranty. However it is reported extremely rarely that those watches break even after that time elapses. It is not rare for a retail store to charge $50.00 for the wristwatch however it is widely available at much lower rate. Should you wish to purchase the chronometer please do not hesitate to click the "Buy Now" button for secure transaction.

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