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Currently we have 14 Baume & Mercier watch reviews in our portfolio. Even though there is many more products from Baume & Mercier on the market at the moment, we are presenting only those we believe are the best buys. Merchandise of this specific producer are ones that come with a value and the average price at which you can buy one is around $1,787.42, with the most pricely model listed at a price of $9,990.00. Prospective buyers with most limited budgets who would like to own a Baume & Mercier watch will have to spend at least $859.20, which is a retail price of MOA08709. Majority of Baume & Mercier watches have quartz movement, which provides every timepiece with fidelity and perfection.

Common functions delivered with majority of watches of Baume & Mercier are hours, minutes, date. Baume & Mercier watches frequently come with matching stainless steel bracelet equipped with triple folding clasp. Additionally it is standard for these watches to be water resistant reaching 30 meters / 100 feet. The standard placement of calendar is date displays at the 6 o'clock position. However it is highly recommended to check with the specific watch technical details sheet for accurate information, as this may be different for some timepieces. Baume & Mercier is a Swiss Made brand. Obviously watches manufactured in this country are popular for their precision.

Our Baume & Mercier watch reviews supply as well data on such customary features as the material the watch case is made of, or what kind of glass has been used to manufacture the crystal. Just for your information the brand tends to use stainless steel and sapphire for those features respectively. The case back often is solid while it is normal for the bezel is to be fixed. The manufacturer guarantees its watches to function fault-free during the period of 14 callendar years counting from the buying date. The brand is likey to choose analog dial over alternative solutions. It has been proved that this choice goes finer with dress style watches that the company is mostly proud of.

This is the case as well for the case shape that is normally rectangular. Further down on the page we present a choice of the finest watches by Baume & Mercier. Please go through the syllabus of our reviews and choose the watch you like.

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Baume & Mercier DIAMANT MOA8668
Date Display At 6 O'Clock...
Baume & Mercier Diamant MOA08709
Date Displays at 6 O'clock Position; Oval Crown Set with One Off-Center Diamond...
Baume & Mercier DIAMANT MOA8572
Oval Crown Set With 1 Centered Diamond, Date Displays At 6 O'clock Position...
Baume & Mercier Diamant MOA08568
Date at 6 O'Clock, 0.02 ct...
Baume & Mercier Diamant MOA8573
Oval Crown Set With 1 Off-centered Diamond, Date Displays At 6 O'clock Position...
Baume & Mercier Diamant MOA8600
Date Displays At 6 O'clock Position, Caseback with screws, 0.38 ct...
Baume & Mercier Diamant MOA8738
Date Display At 6 O'Clock, Gold Weight 5.8 gr, 0.05 ct, Caseback with screws,...
Baume & Mercier Diamant MOA8739
Date Displays At 6 O'clock Position, 0.38 ct, Caseback with screws,...
Baume & Mercier Diamant MOA8569
Diamonds 0.038 ct,...
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